Get The Project!

🖊 In this page, I will show you how to clone (download) the dicolo! project (source code and asset) and open it!


I assume that you have some experience in working with git/github. if you feel confused at some place, google first, then ask your programmer friend for help!

Now follow these step by step, if you are a normal life, it won’t take more than 10 minutes

Get Git

[3 minutes] We love git!

To get dicolo! game project files, you need to download and install the git from


Check if you have git before you download it!

Get Godot

[2 minutes] We love Godot!

To edit and build the game dicolo!, You need the godot game engine.

  • To get godot, the simplest way is to download it from, Steam store or EPIC game store.

  • ⭐ But for the flexibility, It’s better to download it at


Please download the newest standard version (not .NET/C# version)

Clone the repository

[2 minute] Go get it!!

  • Find a great place that can put the dicolo! project folder and open the git-bash.

    To open Git Bash, you can:
    • Windows: Double-click the shortcut or search it through the Windows search feature. You can also right-click anywhere in the folder you want to open and choose the Git Bash option.

    • Mac: Open the terminal application on Mac and type the command git bash.

    • Linux: Open a terminal on Linux and type the command git bash.

  • Clone the repository

    To clone a repository from github, you can follow this tutorial:

Open the project


  • Open godot.

  • Click Import project and select the project folder.

  • OPEN IT!!

Give your self a huge, you worth it.

But it failed!!

[Countless minutes] Oh no.

Sometimes you just stuck at some place or you just received a tons of errors, well, this tells you that you are not a normal person —— You Are Special!

In this case, you should read this page again and make sure that you did every thing that I just said, then try to change some ways of doing it (like put files in another place, or restart the computer, etc).

If you just can not fix it —— ask for help! At a lot of places!