What’s In The Folder?

📂 There’s a lot of folders and files under the root folder, here’s the explanations of them!


🔞: Some folders/files are not in the github repository, as they are generated or created in your local computer. These kind of folders/files will be tagged with a 🔞 because we don’t show it to the public.

🐶: This is a cute dog.


Contains files generated by git.


Contains configs about the github repository.


Contains files generated by godot engine.


Export folder for android platform. Might contains dicolo!.apk and dicolo!.apk.idsig


Export folder for linux platform. Might contains dicolo!.x86_64


Export folder for windows platform. Might contains dicolo!.exe


Contains the debug and release key for Android export.

  • debug: debug.keystore

    • user: androiddebugkey, password: android

  • release: dicolo.keystore

    • user: dicolo, password: dicolo!


These .keystore files path, user and password are stored at .godot/export_credentials.cfg, differ from normal export config file export_presets.cfg!


Contains the original (source) files of the image and other assets, for example: .xcf .psd .svg.


This folder contains the extensions of godot engine. Currently we don’t use any extension, but you can add some extensions that are not depended on by the game script, like godot-git-plugin.


Contains all the sound files in the game (exclude the beatmap music).


Contains scripts for loading/saving data or configs, and language files (.csv, .translations).


Contains internal beatmaps, but remember to be aware of copyright!


Contains all the scene files (.tscn or .scn), and theres scripts (.gd).


Contains all the “visual” files — includes:

  • font (.ttf) and font settings.

  • theme

  • icon

  • background

  • texture

  • ui_icon

  • shader (.gdshader)


Contains the webpage related files.


A git config.


A git config, which listed all the file that git should ignore. This defines those 🔞 contents.


A webpage config that defines the address of dicolo! website.


The export config in godot, you should edit it in godot editor.


The webpage.


The license of this project.


The project settings in godot.


The readme file shows in github repository page.